Make your AC ready for summer in Dubai

5 Jul
Air Conditioning Cleaning Dubai

Make your AC ready for summer in Dubai

Summer heat is the perfect reason to increase the demand for AC. Especially, when the temperature increase from 100 degrees Fahrenheit then making summer vacation in Dubai looks like taking bath in boil water. We can’t reduce the heat of summer, but advancement in technology has introduced many products to beat the heat. Bathing suits and cabanas, ice-cold bottled water, and aloe gels all are a good deal to cool the body down, but only for a moment. Don’t lose your shirt. You can also use the air conditioner and ceiling fan to get comfort in the hot weather of summer. Nowadays, AC becomes a crucial part of life. Especially to deal with the warm weather of Dubai it becomes our major necessity. Regular maintenance is essential for proper working and well-functioning of the air conditioner. If you need the best AC maintenance Dubai that can make your home environment comfortable and healthy then touch base with us. Our technicians are trained and have decades of experience of maintaining and repairing AC. In this article, we will tell you some signs which indicates that it’s the time you need the professionals for air conditioning cleaning Dubai.

Inadequate Air flow

If less cool air comes from the vents than usual. Its mean something went wrong with your AC. In this situation first, check the filter and replace it if needed. If the problem persists then it’s mean your unit compressor is failing or maybe your ductwork needs repairs and cleaning. If you need air conditioning cleaning Dubai, then count on us. Our expert techs will come to your venue promptly to resolve your issue.

Water Leakage

If you notice the leakage near your AC unit then it is a perfect time to replace your AC. Don’t ignore this leakage because it can also create a perfect environment for molds to grow.

Unpleasant smell

The air from the air conditioner always has a natural smell. But if you feel any unpleasant smell from the air of your AC units then consult with AC Maintenance Company in Dubai.

If you feel the air coming through your AC is giving you smoky smell than AC wire insulation is burned out. If the smell is stale then its mean the mold is growing in either your AC unit or in the ductwork.

Rising Utility Bill

Everyone knows the utility bill risen when we run the air conditioner more than usual. But if you observe sharp changes without any changes in your part then you should consult with the professional. Because sometimes soaring energy bills are due to inefficient air conditioning system.

Odd Sounds

Noises coming from your AC unit is not a good sign, especially if the loud sound coming from your AC, it indicates there is a serious problem. If you do not fix this issue immediately then it may lead to a more expensive repair.

If you want to keep your AC in good condition, then consult with trustworthy and legitimate technicians who can prevent minor issues from turning into costlier ones. Feel free to contact us if you need technical services Dubai.

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